Health Screening

Your health and wellbeing are our priority. At RPM Health Clinic, we offer health checks providing you with an opportunity to track and improve your health. Private health checks are comprehensive full-body health MOTs covering key health readings ranging from heart, liver and kidney health, stroke risk, general health markers including cholesterol, diabetes, protein, and more.

About our health check

Why might you need a health check?

Everyone at age 40 and over is eligible for an NHS health check every 5 years until age 74. However, many conditions are symptomless in the early stages and may occur earlier than age 40, or develop complications in the future during the 5 year gap. Many early signs can be improved with simple lifestyle changes (such as diet changes, supplementation, and exercise). Therefore, pinpointing the areas needing improvement can help avoid complications in the future by giving you the knowledge and motivation needed to improve. Regular mole and skin checks will help in recognising the early stages of malignancy by using a dermoscope. Mole mapping can help you monitor changes in existing moles, which can be suspicious but do not require a biopsy. Subsequently, you may want to have regular health checks to monitor changes in your body as you work on improving the areas flagged as needing improvement. This provides a great source of motivation and reassurance that your efforts are positively affecting your health.

RPM Health clinic currently offers:

Essential package
  • Personal medical report

  • Medical history

  • Lifestyle assessment

  • Stress analysis

  • Height – weight analysis (BMI)

  • Waist to height ratio

  • Blood pressure

  • Heart and lung auscultation

  • Peak flow meter to measure lung capacity

  • Urinalysis

Male specific health check

Everything from the essential package and:

  • Prostate health questionnaire and digital prostate exam when appropriate

  • Testicular check and awareness

  • Prostate specific antigen (PSA) is appropriate if you are over 50

Premium level health check

Everything from the essential package and:

  • Moles and skin lesions assessment

Corporate health check packages
An organisation’s success is dependent on the health and wellbeing of their staff. By offering regular well-being assessments customised to your work environment, you can boost your workforce and reduce sickness rate. As commercial clients, RPM Health offers group rates, which will be set based on agreement.
Blood test

Your health is our main interest therefore we only recommend blood tests which will have actual value for you and this will be discussed during your consultation with your clinician.

You will be able to choose to have your blood sample taken at our clinic or we will recommend a service which is associated with our laboratory services provider. We also offer the option to take the blood test at home with a finger prick kit administered yourself.

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